“The book that inspired a generation, now updated for this new age of over-sharing; a must-read guide to establishing boundaries and self-respect.” 

Mayim Bialik, Ph.D., Actress and Author


15th-Anniversary Edition

When A Return to Modesty was first published in 1999, its young author surprised many with her invitation to consider the new power to be found in an old ideal. 

The Book 

About Wendy Shalit

Wendy Shalit began to write A Return to Modesty as an undergrad at Williams College, where she received her BA in Philosophy in 1997.

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Critical Praise

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One of the big hits of the semester was Wendy Shalit's A Return to Modesty. The students were floored by her critique of hookup culture, and they spent so much time talking about modesty as a virtue. It allowed them to say, "Wow, we're witness to all this vulgarity on campus. We pretend that we're okay with it, but we're not." I actually had students who for their final project proposed a modesty club. I'm sitting here thinking, This is Boston University. It made me think Shalit published her book 10 years too early, because the Left reviled her when she published it [in 1999]. For my class, she could do no wrong. I think that's really telling.

—Professor Donna Freitas, Boston University